How Game-Based Learning is Beneficial for Your Child!

Game-based learning has been very popular over the years but do we understand what exactly is game-based learning? Well, education has shifted from the conventional classroom blackboards to online learning and game-based interactive learning. Gaming can be exciting and, at the very same time, can make learning enjoyable. With the Educational industry’s innovative and expansive development in recent years, it is very clear that the next big thing is interactive learning.  

Game-based learning is the utilization of gaming along with the educational goals that help to enhance the overall growth of the children. Learning based on games facilitates critical thought and rational reasoning. It also improves problem-solving among children and constructive thinking.

Top Advantages of Game-Based Learning for Your Child:

Let’s go through the top benefits of indulging your child in learning board games:

  • Uplifts self-confidence 

One of the major points here is that board games help alleviate the self-confidence in children. Many studies say that game-based learning improves children’s self-confidence by 20 percent. When progressing to multiple levels, kids experience a sense of achievement.  

  • An improved grasp of the conceptual knowledge 

The habit of learning from educational board games also inculcates the sense of better conceptual knowledge in the children. Game-based learning improves intellectual comprehension and skills in children by almost 10 percent. This is because they learn by immersive games, and can grasp facts better. So in a way, this facilitates a good level learning.

  • Amplifies memory 

Can you believe that game-based learning sharpens the memory of children by a whopping 90%? Learning ideas and facts about the world around them through images contributes to increased recalling capacity and sharpens the minds of children. The visual style of learning leads to a reduction in learning time, increases data capture, leading to quicker idea acquisition for kids.   

  • Boosts analytical skills 

Studies say that these kinds of game-based learning help the kids to almost enhance their analytical skills up to twice the earlier. This is achievable through games that facilitate the use of critical thought and logical reasoning.

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